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Vibration Platform Plate Fitness Machine
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Vibration Platform Plate Fitness Machine 

Are you looking to increase muscle strength and get rid of stubborn weight? Our Vibration Platform Plate Fitness Machine is the perfect solution for working out all muscle groups, without exception, and can restore lost motor function due to a sedentary lifestyle. In a short time, the vibration platform will cleanse the body of toxins and lactic acid. 
You can optimize muscle in as quick as 10-minute workouts three times a week. It will help improve digestion, relieve fatigue and stress, contribute to weight loss, and play a significant role in slowing aging. Vibration machines are also an excellent tool in the prevention of various diseases. They can relieve nervous, digestive, cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal systems problems. The Fitness Plattform features strong suction cups under the unit to keep the machine in place and not shift as it vibrates and a Bluetooth connection. You can use your phone, tablet, MP3 Player, or laptop to wirelessly connect to the powerful built-in speakers. 

 Vibration Platform Plate Fitness Machine Features:

  • Bluetooth Connection: Play Music From All Your Devices
  • Effortless Workout
  • High Power Oscillating Motor
  • Resistance Bands for Balance & Versatile Workout
  • Brand New Compact Design For Easy Storage


Vibration Platform Plate Advantages:

  • Helps with weight and fat burning
  • Improves circulation and oxygen intake
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Tone muscles
  • Improves posture and flexibility
  • Increases bone mineral density
  • Increases balance & co-ordination
  • Relieves back pain by decompressing the spine

Consumption: 200 W
Voltage: 90 V~~120 V
Speed Range: 99 Levels
Max. Weight: 220 lbs
Package includes:
1x Brand New Pro Vibration Machine
2x Resistance bands
1x Cable
1x Manual
1x Remote

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