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Large Bird Cage Play Top Parrot Cage
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Large Bird Cage Play Top Parrot Cage 

Are you looking for a perfect house for your bird and a great addition to your home decor? This 68-inch birdcage with an interactive play top and removable sliding metal trays is a wise choice. With the play-top design, your feathered friends can stretch their wings comfortably outside the cage, while the three feeders and the long wooden perch inside the cage will make your pet feel just right at home. The decent size of this cage provides plenty of living space and room for the activity of Meyer's Parrots, Pionus, Poicephalus, Red-bellied, and other similar size birds. Crafted from quality metal wires covered with oxidation-resistant paint, our birdcage is a strong metal structure with easy-to-clean slide-out trays to improve user experience.

Large Bird Cage Play Top Parrot Cage Features: 

  • Non-toxic coated finish
  • Top play area with ladder, two stainless steel bowls, and a perch
  • Three feeder doors with locks for easy feeding
  • Three large interior stainless steel feeding bowls
  • One Interior Long Wooden Perch for Resting
  • Upper removable sliding metal tray
  • Lower Removable Sliding Grate for Easy Cleaning
  • Lower removable sliding metal tray
  • Four strong swivel casters and two locks for mobility and stability

Dimensions: 68-inch x 31-inch x 29.5-inch
Cage Size: 21-inch H x 11.4-inch W
Bar Spacing: 0.6-inch
Five Cup Diameters: 4-inch
Base Tray Size: 22.5-inch x 22-inch x 1.4-inch
Material: Iron
Recommended birds for this cage:
Cacique, Conures, Jardine's Parrot, Meyer's Parrots, Pionus, Poicephalus
Red-bellied, Other Similar Size Birds

Package includes:
1 x Cage Main Frame
1 x Ladder
2 x Metal Trays
2 x Wooden Perches
4 x Swivel casters
5 x Stainless Steel Bowls


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