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Dynatrap Dt1050 Indoor/Outdoor Electric Insect Eliminator 1/2 Acre with Bulb
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Dynatrap Dt1050 Indoor/Outdoor Electric Insect Eliminator 1/2 Acre with Bulb

Keep mosquitoes and typical summer pests at bay with the Dynatrap DT1050 Outdoor Insect Trap. Dynatrap is an affordable, easy and safe insect eliminator and attractant with multiple layers that work in action. This portable and lightweight electronic device safely trap insects without harm or disruption. The device comes fully assembled and has no buzzing noise. It uses plasma technology to attract, capture and kill insects immediately without pesticides or propane necessary. The Dynatrap offers a 3-way protection plan for trapping insects. First, UV fluorescent bulbs produce warm light to attract the outdoor bugs to the trap. Second, an exclusive coating of titanium dioxide (TiO2)  inside the trap produces carbon dioxide (CO2), which is irresistible to mosquitos. Third, the insects are attracted to the powerful vacuum fan, where they are collected and trapped into the retaining cage away from the area of usage, providing the user with safe pest protection. Technically advanced yet simple, this unit is ideal for use in the garage, patio, lawns, and more.


Dynatrap Dt1050 Indoor/Outdoor Features:

  • Easy to install and whisper-quiet
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Safe and odor-free: This insect trap is safe around children and pets. It runs efficiently without chemicals or poisons and can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Durable and Weatherproof: Made with durable all-weather construction, you can enjoy the outdoors at any season
  • No expensive attractant or propane is necessary
  • Extensive Coverage:  A powerful UV bulb, fan, and 10-foot cord provide coverage over 1/2 acre for fast results 
  • Lasts up to 3000 hours, approximately four months, with 24/7 usage
  • For best results, replace every four months
  • 7-Watt
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty



Complete set: Includes a cleaning brush, a 10-foot cord, and a metal chain (to hang it from the ceiling), so you can get rid of pesky flies and other flying creatures quickly and easily.

Include Dynatrap Insect Trap 7 Watt Replacement Bulb: Specially designed to produce the correct UV wave length, this single replacement lamp fits the Dynatrap models DT250IN, DT300IN, DT1000-12V, DT1050, DT1100, DT1200, and DT1250.

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